Celebrating the Ghouls

Grammar Ghoul Press would not be here without our contributors. From the writers who take part in our weekly challenges, to those who read the pieces, comment, and vote, to our editors who work behind the scenes to keep the website fresh, this website’s success is due all of you.

To help us pay homage to all our contributors, our Editor Extraordinaire, Tony Lovell, has launched an interview series to help us get to know one another a bit more intimately. The questions are pre-determined, but the follow up questions aren’t, so each interview is unique. If you would like to be a part of this project, please email Tony (tony@grammarghoulpress.com).

Look for a new interview on the last Friday of each month.

Celebrating the Ghouls

spurkis9An Interview
Suzanne Purkis


joy_photo_smallAn Interview
Joy Pixley



An Interview
with TN Kerr



paz spera editAn Interview
with Paz Spera



rose 1 An Interview
with Laurie Rose



jenbrunettsm An Interview
with Jen Brunett



 An Interview
with Patrick Riegert (Pt. 1)

An Interview
with Patrick Riegert (Pt. 2)


c2avilez An Interview
with Cathy Avilez




joe2stories An Interview
with Joe Govan




6An Interview with
Yeshasvi Mahadev


An Interview with
Susan Shuman




 An Interview
with Eugene Uttley




An Interview
with Tony Lovell