GG Writing Challenge #14 is Open for Submissions

January 2, 2015

Happy New Year! The first writing challenge of 2015 is now open for submissions. If you’ve already written something, now’s the time to scroll to the bottom of this page and add your link. 

If you haven’t written anything yet, you have until Monday at noon, so get writing!

If you’re new here, welcome! We look forward to reading your work and making you a part of our community. To make sure you never miss an update, you should subscribe to our email list or come and hang out with us on Facebook and Twitter. We don’t bite (well, never without permission!) and we’d love to get to know you better.

The Prompts

Okay, so below, you’ll find a recap of this week’s prompts. We want to see you use both in your submissions. And remember, you have to use the definition we’ve provided for the word prompt — and you must incorporate the visual prompt into your piece in some way.

This week, your visual prompt is a painting by contemporary American artist, Dan May. This painting is entitled The Reunion. You should definitely check out his website for more breathtaking art. And your word prompt is just below.

Word prompt:

Cavort (noun):
Jump or dance around excitedly.
(Definition #1)

Visual prompt:

may-the-reunionClick for larger view.

The official rules are below. Don’t be afraid to contact us if you have any questions about the challenge — or if you find yourself wrestling with the badge.

The Rules

  •    •   Challenge submissions must be fiction or poetry.
  •    •   Submissions must be 750 words or less.
  •    •   Submissions must use the prompts as specified.
  •    •   Submissions should be written for the challenge, and shouldn’t pre-date the kickoff post.
  •    •   One submission per person.
  •    •   Please put lengthy explanations at the end of your post, not at the beginning.
  •    •   Don’t forget to add the code for the challenge badge to your post.
  •    •   And don’t forget to have fun!

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