Mutant 750 #18/Chimera 66 #3 Voting

January 30, 2015
Grammar Ghoul Press

Good eeeee-evening to everyghoul & gremlin!  It’s 8:00 p.m. Do you know where your Doppelganger is? If not, don’t despair–just look in the mirror! MWAHAHAHA! Kreepy-kidding aside, I’ve got to say it: You folks are demonically delightful! The submissions for both The Mutant 750 and Chimera 66 …

writing challenges are some of the most sublime we’ve seen yet! Is there no end to your impish imaginations, cadaverous creativity, and all around transcendental talent? Apparently not. That said, from the bottoms of our hairy little hearts, we’d like to thank each and everyghoul for choosing Grammar Ghoul Press, and for your behemothic loyalty and phantasmagorical participation.

Okay, so both Mutant 750 Challenge #18 and Chimera 66 Challenge#3 have officially closed and voting has officially opened. That means it’s time to eyeball and analyze the submissions and then vote for your three (3) favourites in each challenge (just click the little heart icon on the top right corner of your choices).

While Ogres and Trolls are not typically ones to follow the rules, give it a shot anyway.  Think of these guidelines as simply protocol for troglodytes…or some such.

  •     •   Read. Ruminate. Repeat as necessary. Then, cast your cryptic vote!
  •     •   Don’t vote for your mondo-mutant-selves, okay? It’s not fair and displays a ghoulish lack of self-cannibalistic-confidence.

Also, be cognizant the creepy criteria below before you click the hearts:

  •    •   Who made the most bizarre-o/bodacious use of the prompts?
  •    •   Who trounced the Titans in the flash fiction format (unless it’s a pwem)?
  •    •   Whose submission left you moonstruck (or caused you to nibble your talons)?

Voting closes on Sunday at Noon, and the winners will be announced Monday at 8:00 a.m., along with the new challenge and prompts! Remember, your thoughts and feedback are wickedly welcome, so if you have any hauntingly heteromorphic ideas for prompts, pass ’em along! Share them on the Ghouls’ Lair forum. As long as you’re there, hang upside down like a bat in a few of the forums. If you’d like, share a bit about your wild-ass writer self. Tell us your secrets; we’ll tell you ours. Perhaps. MWHAHAHA!



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