Shapeshifting 13 #18 Kickoff

September 11, 2015

Howdy, Ghoul Friends!

And welcome back to the SHAPESHIFTING 13!!!

Here, we tempt your darkest desires and taunt your whimsical wit with the confounding and consuming, transitioning and transforming word count!
Thank you for lurking about! We love you creepy and crawly ghouls!

You know you love it!

What a fantastic turn out we’ve had lately for our Shapeshifting challenges! You make this ghoul glow with pride! Y’all are fabulous!

Now, before we jump into the prompts, let me remind you of a few things:

  •   Voting for the Mutant 750 Challenge #50 begins immediately, so take a moment to read the submissions and vote for your three favorites. Voting ends on Saturday at 11pm ET.
  •   The deadline for our first-ever Fall Short Story Contest is this Sunday! Submission are being accepted through Sunday, September 13th at Midnight, Eastern Time. This is such an exciting endeavor for Grammar Ghoul Press, and we would love to have you be a part of it with us!
  •   Don’t forget to visit our Facebook and Twitter pages, and feel free to spread the word about our wonderful website with your friends and frenemies! Let’s get the whole world to delve into their creative cerebellums and construct a cacophony of wonder!

Alright, alright, alright!!!

So, I am a fan of music–all kinds of music! Recently, I heard two songs back-to-back–one that I’ve loved for a couple of years, “Canvas” by Imogen Heap, and one that I recently found so enjoyable that it’s now on repeat, “Beard” by Alaska Thunderf***. This brings us to our prompts!

Last week for THE SHAPESHIFTING 13 challenge, you were tasked with creating a story or poem in just 13 words. This week, in exactly 26 words, your challenge is to write a story or poem using and inspired by any form/definition of the following words:

“Canvas” & “Beard”

The Definition:


1 : a firm closely woven cloth usually of linen, hemp, or cotton used for clothing and formerly much used for tents and sails
2 : a set of sails : sail
3 : a piece of canvas used for a particular purpose
4 : tent; also : a group of tents
5 a : a piece of cloth backed or framed as a surface for a painting; also : the painting on such a surface
b : the background, setting, or scope of a historical or fictional account or narrative
6 : a coarse cloth so woven as to form regular meshes for working with the needle
7: the canvas-covered floor of a boxing or wrestling ring
— can·vas·like \-vəs-ˌlīk\ adjective


1 : the hair that grows on a man’s face often excluding the mustache
2 : a hairy or bristly appendage or tuft
3 : front 7a
— beard·ed \ˈbir-dəd\ adjective
— beard·ed·ness noun
— beard·less \ˈbird-ləs\ adjective

verb/transitive verb
1: to confront and oppose with boldness, resolution, and often effrontery : defy
2: to furnish with a beard

Definitions retrieved from Merriam-Webster

The Rules

  •    Challenge submissions must be fiction or poetry.
  •    Submissions must be exactly the number of words specified; no more, no less.
  •    Submissions must use the prompt as directed.
  •    Submissions should be written in response to the challenge, so they shouldn’t pre-date the kickoff post.
  •    One submission per person.
  •    Please put lengthy explanations at the end of your post, not at the beginning.
  •    Don’t forget to add the code for the challenge badge to your post.

Now, while your brewing that wonderful story, don’t forget to grab the Shapeshifting 13 #19 badge from the right side of the page, and insert it into your post. Remember, you have until Sunday @ 8pm Eastern Time to submit something. Have fun!



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  • tnkerr September 11, 2015 at 7:34 pm

    Nothing like a good “Pirate Story” to bring out the competition. Aaargh!

  • Jenny Young September 14, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    How do we vote?

    • Tony Lovell September 14, 2015 at 3:53 pm

      Welcome, Jenny! In the upper right corner of each post, you should see a heart that highlights in red when you hover over it. Click the heart in the one(s) you want to vote for after reading and commenting.

      • Jenny Young September 15, 2015 at 3:38 am

        Sorry, I don’t see it. Maybe I am too late. I just saw the reply now.

  • Joe Owens September 14, 2015 at 4:29 pm

    ARRRRGGHHHH!!!!! I didn’t relaize this closed on Sunday evening. I just put mine together. I will be back next week!

    • Tony Lovell September 14, 2015 at 11:07 pm

      Oh, Joe, I am so sorry that you didn’t get your story to us in time, but I think we’d all love the opportunity to still read it. Would you mind sharing the link with us?

      We look forward to you jumping in to the pot with us this Friday! I’m just saying, I’m super excited about the upcoming challenge, and I hope to see you there!