Shapeshifting 13 #25 Kickoff

October 30, 2015

Boo, Ghoul Friends!

And welcome back to the SHAPESHIFTING 13! And what a wonderful time to have our new post go live!

Why, you ask, because:


(insert thunderous crash and screeching violins)

Whether you’re carving pumpkins tonight, stocking bowls full of candy, driving through a stack of horror flicks, or putting the final touches on your costume to scare the bejesus out of some kids, this week’s post will hopefully conjure some wickedly wonderful work!

Now, before we step into our costumes, let’s look at a few reminders:


During Ghoul Festival, you will be provided with a picture prompt that is all about Fall! From the colors of nature to the sights of Halloween, these prompts will gradually show the transition of Fall! The images may have a lot going on in them, and your challenge is to find a story to tell that is inspired, or even set, inside the image. 

Last week for THE SHAPESHIFTING 13 challenge, you were tasked with creating a story or poem in just 52 words. This week, in exactly 13 words, your challenge is to write a story or poem inspired by the following image

Here is your prompt:

The Rules

  •    Challenge submissions must be fiction or poetry.
  •    Submissions must be exactly the number of words specified; no more, no less.
  •    Submissions must use the prompt as directed.
  •    Submissions should be written in response to the challenge, so they shouldn’t pre-date the kickoff post.
  •    One submission per person.
  •    Please put lengthy explanations at the end of your post, not at the beginning.
  •    Don’t forget to add the code for the challenge badge to your post.
  •    When voting, you are on the honor to not vote for your own piece.

Now, while your handing over that cow, don’t forget to grab the Shapeshifting 13 #23 badge from the right side of the page, and insert it into your post. Remember, you have until Sunday @ 8pm Eastern Time to submit something. Have fun!


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  • jen October 31, 2015 at 9:51 am

    creepy photo!

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