Shapeshifting Winners of #55

May 31, 2016

Hello, Ghoul Friends!

Last week was a riotous success! Thank you, everyone, for your submissions, views, comments, and votes!

You’re all awesome!

So, I have a question–do you ever find yourself using a word that you believe you are using correctly only to be corrected? As writers, or, rather, as people who happen to write, we often pride ourselves in our ability to write–selecting the best and most accurate wordage for our wondrous posts. However, we’re all fallible, and this means that we can overlook a typo here and there, or use a word that sounds right but that’s completely wrong in context and usage. I recently had this experience. You see, about a month ago, someone on Facebook announced a call for submissions for stories, to which I submitted one. These stories were being analyzed and would potentially be used in a production at a local theatre where they’ll be “performed” (or read without much “acting” and without holding the script). As luck would have it, I’m getting to “perform” my own story, along with a skit that is hilarious, but I had this moment at rehearsal last night that humbled the writer in me. There’s this moment in my story where I talk about this ability my mom and I have to talk about pop culture easily, and I used the word “inept” in the script. For the past month, during each read-thru, during each rehearsal, during each individual performance I hold by myself in my office, I’ve used the word “inept”. I even looked the word up when I was writing it to make sure I was spelling it correctly because it sounded right, but I never paid attention to the definition. Last night, at rehearsal, my director gave me the note that the word is “innate,” and that I said “inept” last night. I felt the need to mention that I foolishly wrote “inept,” but it got me thinking about how often I do this, and how often I’ve seen others do this in general conversation. We’ll hear words in our heads that sound absolutely correct, but, in fact, in the context we’re using them, the words are wrong. In all honesty, my mind was probably thinking about the word “adept” when I was writing my story, but I feel inept now that this mistake has been pointed out to me. I think the important thing to note is–the moral of the story, if you will–is to accept corrections with humility and understand that you’re fallible, just as everyone else is. Mistakes happen, but it’s what you do with those corrections that matters. Had this happened to me a little over a year ago, I might have had a different reaction, but writing for challenges at Grammar Ghoul Press and the like, and receiving feedback and criticism has helped me not only strengthen my writing but also to strengthen myself–I believe that I’ve learned to have some humility in all of this that has bled over into my personal life, especially when it comes to my writing. So, this brings us to our discussion today: Have you ever found yourself using a word that you believed you were using correctly only to be corrected? Are you willing to share the story of that moment with us? Be honest, do you feel that you’re humble when it comes to feedback? Let’s start a conversation!

Now, before we get to our winner’s list, here are a few important reminders:

  • On the last Friday of each month, we will celebrate a fellow writer here at Grammar Ghoul Press, in a new segment we’re calling “Celebrating the Ghouls”! If you’re interested in being a part of this new project, please email out past celebrations here. Don’t forget to check out our latest celebration of L. Rose of The Blog Propellant!
  • Our Lair is currently taking a hiatus, as is our Mutant 750 challenge. Should either one open up, we’ll announce it here!
  • The Shapeshifting 13 goes live every Wednesday at Noon ET. The grid will stay open until Sunday at 8:00 p.m., after which voting will open. Voting ends on Monday at 8:00 p.m., so you get about 24 hours to read and vote for your favorites pieces. Winners will be announced in a separate post on Tuesday at Noon ET. Further details can be found here.

Are you Ghouls ready?! The winners of the SHAPESHIFTING 13 CHALLENGE #55 are:

1st: Susan of The Abject Muse with Peace Out. Excellent writing! Don’t forget to grab that winner’s badge!
2nd: Leara  of LearaWrites with Campus Crusade.
3rd: L. Rose with Words that begin with “R”.


You all did a wonderful job this week! Give yourselves a pat on the back! Check back in tomorrow for our Shapeshifting 13 Challenge #56 where your word limit will be 52 words.

Until next time, au revoir, and SHARE THE GEEKDOM!

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  • Susan Shuman May 31, 2016 at 2:53 pm

    Hey, Tony! It’s good to be back. 🙂 Thanks so much everyghoul! Great writing.

  • LRose May 31, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    It’s been a banner week for me at Grammar Ghoul Press! Thanks everyone!

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