Shapeshifting Winners of #96

March 14, 2017

Get your geek gear on, Ghoul Friends!

Today is going to be irrational!

It’s Pi Day!

March 14th (3/14 = 3.14) is not that spectacular of a day, typically, but many geeks (or superficial nerds) like to proclaim the hilarity that therein lies in the sequence of numbers of the date. Sometimes, it is the little things that give us the most joy. A good pun can make for a good laugh, but can it make for a good story? That’s a question I’ve pondered a couple of times. We’ve heard the term “pie in the sky” before, right? I thought about the pun, “apple pie (pi) in the sky”.  I even made a shirt/print/accessory design inspired by it:

Could we shape a story around a pun? The idea that came to mind was a children’s story about creatures flying through the sky, eating the floating apple pie flavored clouds, leaving only 3.14 of the clouds to cover the sun, and the ground becomes overgrown with foliage, so much so that the children decide to convince the creatures to eat the foliage (vegetables) instead of the “apple pie in the sky”. HA! I thought it was cute. So, this brings us to our discussion today. If you were to write a story based on a pun, what pun would you choose? Tell us in the comments section below, and let’s start a conversation!

Now, before we get to our winner’s list, here are a few important reminders:

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  • The Shapeshifting 13 goes live every Wednesday at Noon ET. The grid will stay open until Sunday at 8:00 p.m., after which voting will open. Voting ends on Monday at 8:00 p.m., so you get about 24 hours to read and vote for your favorites pieces. Winners will be announced in a separate post on Tuesday at Noon ET. Further details can be found here.

Are you Ghouls ready?! The winners of the SHAPESHIFTING 13 CHALLENGE #96 are:

1st: Eugene of WeeDitty with Chip. Great job! Don’t forget to grab that winner’s badge!
2nd: Susan of The Abject Muse with Sound of Clouds.


A round of applause for everyone! Check back in tomorrow for our Shapeshifting 13 Challenge #97 where your word limit will be 52 words.

Until next time, au revoir, and SHARE THE GEEKDOM!

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