Resources for Writers

Below is a selection of writing resources you might find useful.

And don’t forget to check out the Grammar Ghoul guide for Writing Great Flash Fiction.


Writing Fiction:

•   What is plot? Pinning down fiction’s elusive structure

•   Elements of Fiction

•   Elements of Fiction (an interactive tutorial) gg-res2

•   What is Literary Conflict and Why do You Need It?

•   How to Write Flash Fiction

•   Four elements that every flash fiction story needs

•   Writing Kick Ass Sentences

•   5 Common Mistakes that Even Great Writers Make

•   Rules for Writing Killer Dialogue


Grammar & Mechanics:

•   Guide to Grammar & Writing

•   Bad Grammar: Good Fiction

•   Does Your Writing Need a Mechanic? gg-res1

•   Effective Writing: Grammar Rules

•   The Scary World of Verb Tenses

•   Hit Parade of Errors in Grammar, Punctuation, and Style

•   Twelve Common Errors: An Editing Checklist

•   Top 25 grammar and language mistakes


We know there are lots of other good resources out there, so if there’s an article you think should be on this list, send us an email with the link.



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